Nongfu Spring launched 17.5° Orange helping local agricultural industry

December 8, 2016

PRESS RELEASE, December 8, 2016 – Nongfu Spring launched 17.5° Orange at its state-of-the-art processing plant in China’s Orange Town Ganzhou, and shared its 10 years’ experience of naval orange cultivation and juice production.

“A symbol of Nongfu Spring’s hard-working spirit, for the past decade, we have been painstakingly cultivating fruits and continuously pursuing outstanding standards,” said Shanshan Zhong, Nongfu Spring’s Chairman of the Board.

As a forerunner of China’s agricultural modernisation, Nongfu Spring believes the key to success is through technology innovation, stringent quality control and production standardisation.

Advanced Field Management

To grow premium oranges it is essential to continuously cultivate high quality fruit trees and improve their yield. Through advanced data analysis of soil, light, temperature and humidity, Nongfu Spring is able to monitor the growth of the orange trees to ensure the optimum quality of the fruit.

Nongfu Spring applies advanced data management. The growth condition of each orchard is recorded for analysis and monitoring. Nongfu Spring also applies GPS positioning in the orchard management. Through accurate positioning, the data for each orchard is unique and standardised.

17.5 ° orange and orange juice has full traceability. Consumers are able to know the origin of each  orange and orange juice they purchase by scanning a QR code. The scan result shows where the orange comes from, its growing process and environment, as well as the grade of its quality.

Stringent Quality Control

Nongfu Spring conducts stringent quality control for each of the 17.5 ° oranges and orange juice produced. Through data management and fruit testing, only those oranges that meet these requirements are going to be picked for processing. There are 148 items on the fruit quality checklists including appearance, size, weight, level of sugar and acidity.

Oranges hand-picked from the orchards will be transported to the processing plant on the same day then uploaded to the production line. Every orange undergoes a rigorous selection process including screening, weighing and hand-selection to meet the strict processing standard.

17.5° Orange Juice is 100 percent pure fruit juice, with no additives and no concentrates. The world-leading cold chain management throughout the transportation process ensures the juice maintains its freshness and tastiness.

Sustainable Relationship

“Through our continuous efforts, we have also successfully built a cooperative, mutually-beneficial and sustainable relationship with our orchards and growers,” Chairman Zhong said.

The orange growers have benefited from a significance income increase through cooperating with Nongfu Spring. The launch of 17.5° Orange has greatly added value to local agribusiness through industry upgrading. Through scientific orchard management, advanced product design and technology improvement, Nongfu Spring is able to improve the product quality to a revolutionary high standard and achieve great market success in the launch of 17.5 ° orange and orange juices. In return, Nongfu Spring offers a favourable purchase price to the orchards and growers. Through cooperating with Nongfu Spring, the annual income of local orange growers has reached 260,000 yuan (around US$38,000) in 2016.

Nongfu Spring’s 17.5 ° orange and orange juices are very popular with consumers. 17.5 ° Orange Juice was chosen to supply the 2016 G20 Summit and served heads of states from around the world due to its premium quality.