Big Bang become the face of Nongfu Spring Tea π

May 11, 2016

The members of Big Bang were appointed as the handsome new ambassadors for a popular tea drink from Chinese company Nongfu Spring!

Tea has never looked more appealing and it’s all thanks to the charms of the Big Bang members. The theme for this ad seems to be colorful, energetic, and bright, much like Big Bang!

According to Big Bang, Tea π , the tea with its own style (self-styled). This happens to be similar with the band’s ideology, so they are happy to endorse Tea π . “We like such products with their individuality; we hope that you will like it too!”Big Bang’s statement writes.

Infused with 100% tea extract and fresh fruit juice, Tea π has a wonderful taste and stylish design. Tea π has four innovative flavours – Grapefruit Jasmine, Peach Oolong, Citrus Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea. It is loved by young health-conscious Chinese in pursuit of perfection.